Professor Brent Ryan researches emerging urban design paradigms, with a particular focus on postindustrial cities and neighborhoods. His book Design After Decline: How America Rebuilds Shrinking Cities, was published in 2012 by the University of Pennsylvania Press and was selected by Planetizen as a Top Ten Book of 2012.
Kristen Zeiber, the course TA, is completing her post-professional MS in Architecture & Urbanism (SMArchS-2013). She comes to MIT with a B.Arch from Penn State, 5 years of experience in community design on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and interests in river management, shrinking cities, and postindustrial landscapes.
Benjamin Golder is pursuing both Master of City Planning and Master of Architecture degrees at MIT, with a focus on the use of new media in urban design. He was a 2011 U.S.-Spain Fulbright Fellow to Barcelona, and received a B.A. in Architecture from UC Berkeley in 2010. Benjamin was raised in Santa Cruz, California and Tucson, Arizona.
Sayjel Patel is currently pursuing an advanced Masters of Architecture degree (M.Arch. Adv ‘15) at the MIT, and is a proud graduate of the University of Waterloo, School of Architecture in Canada, where he holds a Bachelor of Architectural Studies (with Distinction).
Kuan Butts is a St. Louis, Missouri transplant (from San Diego, California) with a professional background in urban design and architecture. He is presently attending graduate school in Cambridge, Massachusetts at MIT, where he studies transportation and urban planning.
George Beane is a first year dual MCP / SMARCHS student interested in urban infrastructure systems, with a geographic focus on Latin America. He holds a B.A. in Architecture from Yale College. He was born and raised in New York, NY.
Karen Johnson came to MIT's City Planning program from a career in journalism. She's interested in studying how cities are shaped by industry, technology and infrastructure. Last fall she joined the Institute's Clean Energy Cities research team, a project measuring the relationships between energy use and neighborhood development patterns in China.
Ksenia Kaladiouk is currently a student in the MCP program at MIT. She received her A.B. in history from Cornell University in 2009. Ksenia was born in St. Petersburg, Russia but did most of her growing up stateside. Her interests include urban public policy, energy geopolitics and the history of violence.
Laura Schmitz is originally from Buffalo, NY, another shrinking city. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University at Buffalo, and is now pursing a Masters of Architecture degree at MIT (M.Arch '15). Her current interests encompass bicycle touring, urban transportation, and intersections between gender and culture with space and place.
Michael Waldrep graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Film Studies in 2009. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Michael is now pursuing a degree in City Design + Development at MIT. He's interested in historical preservation, photography, and the ways in which people represent place.
Sara Brown graduated from Dartmouth College in 2010 with a dual degree in English and Geography. She is now pursuing Master of City Planning and Master of Real Estate Development degrees at MIT. Sara grew up in New Jersey, and is interested in post-industrial/contaminated landscapes, environmental planning, green space, and water.
Sneha Mandhan is an architect from India. She is pursuing the Master of City Planning in City Design and Development program at MIT. She is particularly interested in the integration of physical form with social and cultural forces within cities and using past and current knowledge to develop paradigms for the future.