Optimizing Flows Addressing Abandonment and Growth
Through the addressing of two opposing conditions within Baltimore, abandonment and growth, Optimizing Flows seeks to capitalize on Exxon-Mobil’s site location at the confluence of various transportation networks. In addition, Optimizing Flows proposes an alternative use for Baltimore’s vacant buildings.
George Beane, Laura Schmitz
Perspective View from path with Knot building in the distance.
Perspective View near knot with heavy industry occurring beneath.
Section Section through knot demonstrating tiered activity.
Section View outside of knot demonstrating supporting section traffic and movement pattern hierarchies.
Perspective At Knot building with scenic views in background.
Perspective Greenscape elements towards crux of Knot building.
Section Pathways weaving in with sand and salt piles.
Section Further along path.
Section Where paths meet ground, demonstrating liminal space activation.
Road Networks Truck delivery paths are shown above.
The Knot Plan showing programming and traffic flow systems.
The Knot Sectional organization of the proposed structure.
The Knot Potential associated activities at a glance.
The Knot Tiered uses: upper floors.
The Knot Tiered uses: lower floors.
Examining the Baltimore Row House
Outflow Systems distribution for proposed deconstruction and distribution of decommissioned local structures.
Outflow International shipping systems.